New video out - NO/BODY

Check out my new music video, filmed in Paris in two different language versions.

4/9/20221 min read

Official music video to NO/BODY or CIAłO (pl. ciało - eng. body).

The song is my manifestation and fight for the rights, not only for women, but human rights and freedom of choice. The first version of the song was published on Polish Independence Day, 11 Nov 2020, during Poland's biggest protests in decades on the country's abortion ban.

Now the song in two versions - polish and english - will be part of my new music album 'Meltdown' available now on all music services.



Composition: Bryan Thiebaut

Lyrics: Kat Galie

Master: Mighty33 - geniuscorp

Music video:

Scenario & direction: Kahina Lamblin Yahi

Production & pictures: Kahina Lamblin Yahi, Nicolas Chevassu

Grade : Loïc Lavaux

Starring: Lea Mounier, Dorian Solignac

Title design : FarArs

Videos from th protests: YELLOWBOX - Maciej Pudełko

KAT GALIE - NO/BODY (Official Video)