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AKATSUKI is a fruit of cooperation with Raion K. and label geniuscorp.

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MOONLIGHT review in Hier Soir à Paris

"Moonlight brings together five ballads composed by the artist during her many travels. As all titles are in the same vein, we could fear that all the melodies are similar and eventually get tiring, but this is not in this case. One of the elements that makes this EP exciting is Kat's voice: warm, deep and powerful, while maintaining a certain sweetness."


"In Moonlight, Kat Galie gives us intimate and incredibly mature titles that foreshadow a poetic and seductive universe. She has the talent and the charisma of a great artist, no doubt that soon it will be loud about her!"

"There is a very touching candor that ends the EP on a light and positive touch: «What if we got it all? What if the only thing is love?»."


You will find the original article here.

23.11.19 | Atelier de Gregory Ryan, Paris

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