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© 2022 by KAT GALIE


I’m going out just to feel a bit of the air
Caving in bed ain’t it always seem to be fair
My body needs attention, looking smart and just to feel like I care
Even If say so, would I meet anyone out there
Last days we’ve got to point of the year
We realize in front of us shining the new Real
Out of the comfort zone, and just to feel free
Let’s wait till May, hopin’ they gonna let us be

Left right left right everybody says something
And I don’t even wanna hear
What they gonna say to me
What the gonna bring to me
Last week, one year, do I really know if I’m here
The matter’s changing, and time seems to be bending in

You, you don’t have to worry
We’re going through meltdown
You you don’t have to hurry
It’s gonna be meltdown

And now,
It’s been-a such a long while, I’m gonna make up my mind
Im tryna changing my pj's for armor and crown
The battle’s not finished, but I’m gonna leave
For those who were triggered, the meltdown is here

Left right left right everybody says something
And I don’t even wanna hear....


I’m a woman, that is
I’ve got the love deep within

Every day you tryna push through your way
Just like a brutal brings pain, looking for reasons to pray
A tattered painting with no flaws, with no soul
And we are gathered together,
No chance and no doubt
We call out for mercy
We’re calling out for love

Body is body for you it’s never enough
And our hearts once in beauty
Now you just break them in half
Getting to know ‘bout the stories, unfunny novels of female crimes
How is it pulling the strings? if you would look in the eye
Oh mother, he’s tryna hide in these towers
Built up from grief and his anger, he creates hatred
Tryin’ to convince that’s with loving, losing his temper
There is no heart in his body

Body no-body, the lies from your mouth
And never feels like we were enough
There’s no heart in this body
[Never enough, never enough
For you it’s never enough
There’s no love in his body
But we’ve got love in our hearts
There’s so much love in these hearts]

Tryin’ to convince us that love is the law
Tryin to convince your own mother you are the soldier of god
Organs of power, not organs for both
I am a woman, the sister and hope
Push me away, I’ll keep on living my fate
That doesn’t mean it’s always easy
Some bad things happen to people; they try to work it out well
The times are changing, but it feels like the rest stays the same
And you keep taking away that holy freedom, brings jail
And make us fight with each other and break us away
Screw it,
We’ve got each other,
And together we stand
Hand in hand
Having the reason to stay
We’ll keep our rights to choose
We’ll fight the governs of chaos
You’ll lose
You think you’re right, but hey
It’s always the same
Lawlessness, fake justice and blame

Body no-body, the lies from your mouth…

And our hearts,
There are hearts in these bodies
And these are hearts full of love


Everything’s changing
You just look at your phone, bbc maybe
Your heart is racing, will you make it till tomorrow, let it be
You tryna make a move before the ropes are breaking
Before the holes below the deck are all wide open, here we go
The city in RER B, they want so bad to see
What is like in the 7th?
Place in vapeur, make a maneuver
Just don’t be lazy, the city is calling, time to embrace it
It’s fine and frenzy
Bro, look at this ho, isn’t she crazy?
No, no, it’s our society,
don’t know what’s real sobriety
it’s just a game for rich gals
meat balls, gold stars and false crowns
Liquor cut down in the upper class,
Not anymore in shiny crystal glass,
Now they won’t leave a penny,
Many of them will take it out in fury
You should be jealous, there are so many famous waiting for cherries
Magic wands and fairies,
Drinking tonic and lime,
Add some gin and then hide
No worries
She gonna post it tonight, how many followers?
Don’t I look so careless?
Girl just look at my b boy, ain’t he just fearless?

Me, im waiting in silence
We’re gonna be alone
We’re looking for shelter
They gonna be alright

They're gonna be alright
But nothing is endless
Gravity’s bended
Hope gonna face that
Feeling air so heavy, been so unstable, real it is faible
Never too late, what? Ever tried disclosure of an explosion?
Nevertheless y’all, the time is imposter, put it on pause now

[From afar]
We are looking for shelter, we’re gonna be alone
It doesn’t matter, we can do better
Living in this life a moment
It’s more of a game now
The testing ground and place to progress yeah yeah
Some taking the lesson, some fading it out
Let's give 'em some pressure
And appreciation, the knowledge we've got, it comes from the senses


It keeps me grounded, my faith
It’s calmly slowing down my pace
The reason why I’m here
I’ll never break my soul away
It keeps me grounded, the light
I’m slowly folding up my heart
Eleven times, it is okay
It seems like I can break again
I keep my heart sane
It feels like I’m holding breaths
Not counting them in days
I’m healing the space
Within the lights I sink
The golden rays like silk they lay
Above my womb I’m folding hands
Receiving (that) grace
It keeps me grounded, the space
Together now we’re holding hands
Becoming one and great
With love and grace that we embrace
I’m forgetting my name x4
The dark days won’t come, we are safe
Standing calm now, hand by hand
Love is home and we are same
Darkness won’t take us away

Magnificent World

In magnificent world
We trust
In magnificent world
We hope
In magnificent world
We know
(What it's all about)
What doesn’t kill us
Make it last
Wrong is all it’s all about
It doesn’t take too long to get it right
It takes two sides to move from side to side
It really is puzzle, don't know why
So take the rest you’ve found in me
I’m giving all, I’ll give you all you need
It doesn’t matter now, got what I live
I got my love, it spreads, now you will see
God, give me the strength
I’m taking it all with me
I got myself to be
As long as I have to be

The Moon

I am the moon, not the sun
I shine only in the night
You see me, my color is blue
And that’s mean I’m glowing for you
If there is the darkness, go find me
If you don’t wanna lose
But if you trust me - i promise you
i will come back soon
I am the moon, i am the rain
I will do anything, if i can
to make your way easier
I'm for dessert, not for the main
you choose before you make mistake
to fill yourself up
The rain is counting my steps
It stops only when i fall apart
And you still follow my track
I know it’s not easy to do that
You take for two, but there is just one
The clarity's never been better
Hope you know now, best for you (guys)
i hope you'll be happy, don’t matter


You've always been so tired of being lifted
But sometimes a quiet is better way to stay
Put all the words you wanna say on my lipstick
Then you can just get away from this
But i will follow, follow, follow this empty trace on my on my bed
And i dont, i dont, i dont care, where it ends

Round and around and around, I’m drifting
The weight of the world in between fills up my chest
It comes, as i come, as i fall, spinning with me
Puts me in space that i can’t move you away
But i will follow, follow, follow this empty trace on my on my bed
And i dont, i dont, i dont care, where it ends

The River

River rhythm don’t mean a thing
Calls me when I hit the strings
I see that sign, I hear that sound

River rhythm won't be that keen
To raise softly when I sink
It pulls me up, it helps me float

River rhythm don’t need a sorrow
Calmly watching if I follow
Is it guiding me? I don't need to know, i don't need to know, don't need to know...
Out across the endless river stream
I don’t need it at all, i don’t need those silly words
Lay me down, as i come around
Feel that space
Out across
The river stream

River rhythm across the landscape
Would it be a shame to harm it
Among golden lights, great riversides

River rhythm beneath the sunset,
Would it be a shame if i follow you, if i follow you,
I follow you,
I'll always...!
Honey i do, with everything you’ve ever made
With everything, that turns away, it's exactly the same
I tried to reach couple of those, who tried to reach those empty lawns
I'll always be out across the endless
The river stream

Take Me Home

I'm holding my breath with folded arms
Standing outside this empty house
Roses are violet, it's dark to see
Making fake smile to reality
Moving around to warm inside
Whispering your name, like it was mine
Pick up together to make a choice
Come in the night and hear my voice
So far away and so near
Baby, you haven't been there for me
Start a car and take me home
Leave it all, that you’ve had before
Maybe we don't even have to talk
Just take me home

Circus of silence and war in your head
This November violence has come to dessert
You said that you'll be over, but
Take your time, there's no rush for me

So far away and so near…

© 2022 by KAT GALIE