Kat Galie is an artist hailing from the Moon.

Starting her journey over three years ago, she left behind a feeling of comfort and she decided to share her music with people, busking on the streets and playing in different venues in many places around the globe, including big European cities, Australia or Asia.

In her creation the musician blends different styles of music, from indie rock, groove and even funky vibe to warm ambient, making this combination an interesting part of the alternative genre. By many, the music is being described as magical, cosmic.
As she refers to being a citizen of the Universe, in her writing she focuses on topics connected with humanity and understanding of our realm, comparing cognitive approach to emotional points of view. Love and nature play here very important role, often being used as connectors themselves.


Kat is an active musician since her first concert when she was sixteen. In the past she was part of different projects, among others a duet KAYTE, which has released a Demo EP available on main music services like Spotify or Youtube.

Currently, the artist lives in Paris working on her new releases. After her first home-recorded solo album called MOONLIGHT released in May 2018 and remastered later this year by a producer Jeremy Hills from geniuscorp, Kat took her way further with her new singles 'Magnificent World' recorded with Mighty33 and 'Sane'. All of her work can be found on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and other services.

On her account Kat has concerts in important venues in Paris, completing the 2019 spring tour with her band at La Bellevilloise, Peniche Antipode or Bercy Village; at festivals La Guinguette Remoise in Reims, Lunalia Festival in Belgium or Kosmokonzerte in Potsdam, Germany. Last November she opened a show for a musician James Gillespie at 1999 Club Paris and she does not plan to stop on that.

At the moment also engaged in other initiatives – featuring on a new alternative R&B album IKIGAI by a music producer Raion K. after a successful cooperation on the track Akatsuki released in August 2019; featuring on a brand new album Others Die by Mighty33 from geniuscorp and others.